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Shopatorion is an online Shopping portal of Orion Sales Corporation , we are passionate about technology and even more passionate about earning the trust of our customers. Orion was started on 

March 19, 1979, by the late Mr. P.K. Ouseph, a committed Air Force veteran. Its roots are in hard work and customer trust. Over the years, Mr. Ouseph built lasting relationships that set the stage for

our reputation for trustworthiness and honesty. In his father's footsteps, his son, Mr. Aji Joseph, started Orion Sales Corporation in 2004 and worked with big names in the business. We were proud

to enjoy our 40th anniversary in 2019, which means we have been serving our customers for 40 years.


We want Shopatorion to be a market where trust is very important. Our goal is to be the best place to find real names and buy electrical, Plumbimg, bathroom Fittings and fans  online at low prices.

As a sign of trustworthiness, we make sure that every buy made on our platform is a sign of quality and dependability.


Providing a smooth and reliable shopping experience is our goal. By going straight to the customer, we cut out the middlemen and can be sure that every product is real. We hand-pick a range of

high-quality Products using our many years of experience in the business. Customers can check the quality of a product before they buy it by looking at its star grade. Our many shipping choices,

such as Speedpost, Courier, and Parcel, make sure that you get your package quickly and easily, no matter what size or location it is or how much it costs to ship.

We've also added some new and useful features, like a free classifieds website just for professionals in Kerala. This makes it easy for customers to find professionals in the area they want. Our reward

points system also lets customers earn points for every purchase,which they can then use to save money on their next buy. The one-of-a-kind "smart comparison" feature on our website lets

customers quickly look at goods from different brands and make decisions based on what they want. At Shopatorion, we are driven by our history of trust and loyalty. We want you to join us on

our journey, where real goods meet great customer service

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