Impex Pressure Cooker IPC 5C3 Combo 5 + 3 LTR silver

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*Cooking is love mode visible, when you enjoying its captivating feel Introducing IPC-5C3, a Economy Combo of Induction base Aluminium pressure cooker 5 L and 3 L with Single Cooker top for your kitchen. Appliances sends by us, inspired by life. Except we just want you to look at them, we want you to feel them. Because food always makes everything better and just in case you needed reminding.
*IPC-5C3 Induction base Aluminium pressure cooker.
*Combo of 3 and 5 L with Single Top, Stylish and Elegant Design, Induction base with Outer Lid, Induction base with Outer Lid and Food grade rubber gasket.
*Unique pressure regulating device, Gasket release system, Shiny finish, and Virgin aluminium material, Precision weight valve, Metallic safety plug handle and Heat proof handle providing firm grip.