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Orion covers all your LED needs, so we present to you the super cool COB lights. Chip-on-board, or COB lights are a significant development in LED lighting technology. These lights are made up of several LED chips that are directly put on one substrate to provide a single, powerful light source. The tightly packed LED configuration produces a more intense and consistent glow. This design produces a smoother and more uniform distribution of light by reducing the multi-shadow effect that is frequently observed in typical LED lighting. Outstanding energy efficiency comes with COB lights along with vibrant illumination, which can reflect the true colours of the objects. LED COB lights are in high demand in art galleries and studios where actual colour representation is a necessity.


Why should you buy our COB lights?


  • High Intensity and Brightness: COB lights are appropriate for applications requiring high levels of brightness and illumination since they can create focused, intense light output.
  •  Compact Design: The close mounting of several LED chips on a single substrate made possible by COB technology results in a compact design. This compactness is especially useful in setups with limited space.
  • Excellent Colour Rendering: COB lights properly depict the true colours of the items they illuminate since they frequently have a high Colour Rendering Index (CRI). Applications such as art galleries, photography, and retail lighting require this.
  • Even and Uniform Light Distribution: A balanced illumination pattern and reduction of hotspots are achieved by the even and uniform light distribution produced by COB lights.
  •  Multiple Uses: COB lights are adaptable and have a wide range of uses, such as horticultural lighting, automobile lighting, commercial and industrial lighting, and residential illumination.



Buy LED COB lights from Orion’s latest LED compilation if you want to experience the beauty of every single object with perfect lighting.

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